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A step up from our Introductory Kit. This beginner's kit is our most popular. The Essentials Kit includes all of the basics for brewing, along with a glass carboy (fermentor) instead of a plastic bucket. With proper care a glass carboy will last you a lifetime.

Essentials Kit includes:

☐ 6.5 Gallon Drilled Bucket
☐ Bottling Spigot
☐ 5 Gallon Glass Carboy Fermentor
☐ #7 Drilled Stopper
☐ One Piece Airlock
☐ 5/16” Blow-off Hose
☐ Thermometer
☐ Adhesive Thermometer
☐ 8” Funnel
☐ Beer Thief
☐ Nylon Bag
☐ Carboy Brush
☐ Hydrometer
☐ Hydrometer Testing Jar
☐ Auto Siphon
☐ 4’ Food-grade 5/16” Siphon Tube
☐ Bottle Brush
☐ Bottle Filler
☐ Black Bottle Capper
☐ 144 Bottle Caps
☐ 8 oz. Star San Sanitizer
☐ Small Tube Clamp
☐ Brewing Handbook

Must Haves not included:

☐ Brew Pot (at least 5 gallons is recommended)
☐ Ingredient Kit (Partial Mash or All Extract kits are compatible with this equipment kit)
☐ Beer Bottles (we recommend about 45-50 12 oz bottles)

*Makes a great gift!
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